Biểu ngữ

Anh ngữ:

  • Cut the ox tongue of red china.
  • Demanding the dissolution of the Vietnamese communist regime in Vietnam.
  • Down with the communist regime in Vietnam.
  • DOWN with the red china pirates.
  • Down with the red china terrorists. Shame on red china.
  • Down with the VCP. Down with the CCP.
  • Free Vietnamese Dissidents Now.
  • Free Vietnamese Political prisoners Now.
  • Honoring the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom flag.
  • Jasmine revolution for Vietnam NOW.
  • Paracel and Spratly Islands belong to Vietnam.
  • People of (city…): Support us.
  • Protest against red chinese expansionism in south east Asia sea.
  • Protesting against the CCP, who occupies the land and sea of Vietnam.
  • Protesting against the Invasion of the “People Republic of China” into Vietnam.
  • Red china backoff Vietnamese Islands.
  • Red china: end the occupation of Vietnam’s sea and land.
  • Red china: get out of Vietnam’s sea and land.
  • Red china lies, people die.
  • Red china: Pirates of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Red china: Stop invading Vietnam.
  • Red china: Stop invading Vietnam, Stop murdering Vietnamese fishermen.
  • Red china: Stop murdering the Vietnamese people who are fisching on the Vietnam’s sea.
  • Red china: Stop the aggression in the Southern Pacific.
  • Red china: Stop the Brutal occupation of Vietnam’s sea and land.
  • Red china: Terrorists of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Save our nation. Red china go out from Vietnam.
  • Strongly boycott “Made in China”.
  • Support the Jasmine Revolution in Vietnam.
  • UNO: We want justice.
  • Vietnam belongs to the Vietnamese.
  • Vietnamese communist = Traitors.
  • Vietnamese communist must step down now.
  • Vietnamese political prisoners detained: Free them now.
  • Vietnam needs human rights.
  • Viet-Commies must step down now.
  • Viet-Commies: Stop selling Paracel and Spratly Islands to red china.
  • Viet-Police: Stop abusing Anti-china Protestors.
  • Wake up, wake up, UNO.
  • We want freedom. Free Vietnam. Freedom for Vietnam.
  • We want justice. Red china: Stop killing Vietnamese Fischermen.

Đức ngữ:

  • Boykottieren “Made in China”.
  • China: Ende der Invasion in Vietnam.
  • China ist eine grosse Gefahr für die ganze Welt.
  • China-Kommunisten = Gefahr für die Weltfrieden.
  • China: Stoppt das aggressive Verhalten gegen Vietnam.
  • China: Stop die brutale Invasion in Vietnam.
  • Demokratie für Vietnam.
  • Freiheit, Demokratie und Menschenrechte für Vietnam.
  • Freiheit für Vietnam.
  • Jasmin Revolution fuer Vietnam.
  • KP Vietnams: Stoppt den Verkauf Vietnams Land und See an KP Chinas.
  • Menschenrechte fuer Vietnam.
  • Nieder mit den Kommunisten.
  • Nieder mit der KP Vietnams. Nieder mit der KP Chinas.
  • Sofortige Auflösung der Vietnamesischen kommunistischen Regierung in Vietnam.
  • Sofortige Freilassung der Vietnamesischen Dissidenten.
  • Sofortige Freilassung der Vietnamesischen politischen Gefangenerinnen und Gefangener.
  • Verhaftete Vietnamesischen Dissidenten: Sofortige Freilassung.
  • Viet-Kommunisten = Feige Verräter.
  • Vietnamesen wollen Freiheit und Frieden.

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